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Adv. nr. Geplaatst Branche Soort bedrijf
11524 29-01-2010 Industrie - - -
Regio Transactievorm Aantal personeelsleden Oppervlakte in m2
Nederland - - - - - - - - -
Omzet laatste boekjaar Resultaat voor belasting Overnameprijs Rechtsvorm
Meer dan € 500.000 - - - - - - B.V.


Group with manufacturing company of devices for starch and production of ethanol and investment company in production of ethanol

The manufacturing company was founded in 1883. The current director (1943) bought it in 1997 (majority), has no acceptable successor in the family and he wants to stop completely in the near future. This entrepreneur has made the company within a few years profitable again.

The manufacturing company designs, assembles and starts up machines and devices for starch, starch derivates like glucose/maltose, cationics, etc., calcium chloride and ethanol production companies (unique concept).
The manufacturing company produces: rasps, hydro cyclones, rotating vacuum filters, strainers, mixers, distillation columns etc. This company exports a major part of the production to countries such as North America / Canada, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Cuba. The manufacturing company itself is located in the Northern part of the Netherlands and has 50 employees.

Turnover for the manufacturing company is � 10 � 12 million with good result. This result of the manufacturing company is considerable higher, because a part of the result has already been collected from lease constructions, a part has to be collected from other lease construction as also new participations will be started.

Next to the manufacturing company there is an investment company participating in production companies that want to realise a new installation in countries like the Netherlands, Brazil, China, Pakistan, Indonesia and Cuba. Because of the participation the delivery of the installation as also the subcontractors supplies of the building materials for that installation are secured. There are a few subcontractors which also participate in these production companies. The participation needs quite a lot of preparation time but will be in general earned back very quickly. For every production venture there is a production company erected.

As a first step in the sales of his group of companies the entrepreneur wants to sell a participation in a Dutch production company which is in preparation.

For the Dutch production company is an investment needed of about � 28 million, with a sales of about � 80 million and an owner�s equity is � 14 million. At this moment (jan 2010) there is a stake for sale of � 3-4 million with a right of control of ~50%. The expected ROI is two years.

In general the preparations for the project of the Dutch production company are nearly completed (jan 2010). From the moment it is decided to start this production company the building time will take one year.

It is a remark that the valuation of the participations strongly changes, there the participations are not only continuously in development, but also because for example the value of sowed products over the season changes and because political, economical and other factors change constantly.(year 2006)

It is essential that the buyer of the investment company is a experienced business man and that he is able to:
� raise enough money for new participations and out of other financial sources
� realise new participations in production companies internationally often in a political difficult environment
� make use of state aided (financial) arrangements
� understand the farmers and the contractors and build good relationships with them
� make agreements by which installations are sold in combination with participation / lease construction
� realise this excellent insight in the development and cohesion of markets for the raw materials that are produced (including possibilities and capacities of concerned farmers) and end products
� fully understand the chemical and technological aspects of the production process and production installation and that he has a good logistic insight
� select and run the people for the production organisation
� run the production competitively
� travel half of the working time mostly abroad
� work with the children of the director (majority), who are employed in the manufacturing company and are co-minority shareholder in the holding company.

The entrepreneur is willing to assist with the development of production companies outside the Netherlands, by which very good returns are to be expected because of the estimated potential. He also wants to consider the sale of the manufacturing company on the longer term.